About Us 


Our company is making import of products from world-known producers from Germany, USA, Poland, Hungary, Japan, Korea, China, etc. These high technology products could be classified in groups, such as:

  • Actual inventions for health  wellness products improving the personnel hygiene and living condition, preventing against illness and allergy, for detoxication and improving immunity, for stopping the aging process and fast relax, for cleaning of air, water, foods, etc. (electronic bidet, ionic and ozone air purifiers, UV sterilizers, ultrasonic washing and cleaning appliances, ozone water and food sterilizers, etc.);

  • Massage appliances for body relax, for pain relief and for shaping beautiful body

  • Energy-saving products  certificated electronic appliances for saving electricity; 

  • Pest repelling products  to get rid of house and garden rodents, roaches, insects, birds. And defense against aggressive dogs and cats. 

  • Products to help drivers and cars  inventions to secure lower costs and longer life to drivers and cars. 

  • Household and leisure appliances.


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